How to become more positive

By Josephine | 06 March 2018 |


Maybe you experienced yourself that everything goes better when you are in your “happy place”. You enjoy life, you enjoy being you, you enjoy encounters with people, animals, plants, the whole world. You feel energetic, optimistic and you know it’s a pleasure for others to have you around.

Will doors open for you ? Of course they will!

Oke, good, but the question is how do I get in my “happy place.” And maybe even a bigger challenge, how do I stay there? For example when I eat chocolate or buy beautiful clothes, of course that gives me a happy feeling, but it fades away rather quickly, and I can’t keep on doing so all the time. I would gain weight, run out of money, and probably feel guilty or ashamed in the end which is not very helpful to improve my positive energy.

As I ‘m curious I considered trying out an advice of which I had no high expectations at all, it seemed way to simple to be effective. When the advice kept popping up I decided to give it a try anyway, I had nothing to loose.

So how does it work ?

Everyday before you go asleep write down at least five things of the day that you are grateful for. That can be important things, like passing an exam, or just little things, like a tasteful cup of tea, a squirrel you saw, maybe somebody was nice to you, or maybe you were kind to someone else, whatever. Only make sure that you don’t repeat the same things everyday, otherwise it can become an automatism and that’s not the purpose.

As you feel the emotion of gratitude, your brainwaves shift and the good news is that will work on while you are asleep in your subconscious mind.

I tried it out for several months and it worked supergood. I even felt so good that I abandoned it, thinking I didn’t need it anymore. O what vanity! During some weeks my good vibes, confidence and trust in positive outcomes diminished all together. One moment I realised.. oh, the diary.. ! So I started again and my energy improved again. Of course there are more ways to improve your energy but this is such a simple yet effective one that I really want to share it with you.. highly recommended! J Big hug, dr. Josie